Gin & Pink Grapefruit
Craft Gin Cocktail
This cocktail is a mix of our own craft gin and pink grapefruit juice with the slightest hint of lime. A classy drink to celebrate classic times.

BOX: 12×275 ml

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12 bottles

Price per L

9,09€ (+VAT +package deposit)

Shelf life

18 months

Mori cocktail is best characterised by a fresh citrus flavour. This is the lovechild of a beautiful pink grapefruit juice and our gin – rich in lemon- and orange peel notes. The full-bodied herby backdrop is provided by thyme, orris, coriander and a modest list of rather classic botanicals.

Mori Gild OÜ
Veerenni 24, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 53423246
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